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Free Migrate Emails Using Imapsync Full Sync Tool Between Servers

Introduction: Imapsync simplifies email migration between servers using the IMAP protocol. Learn how to effortlessly transfer emails with SSL encryption, automated folder mapping, and more. Migrating emails from one email server to another can be a daunting task, but using the IMAP protocol and a free migration tool such as imapsync can make the process…

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Setup WHM/cPanel Exim to Send Emails Per-domain Using SMTP Smarthost

If your server sending emails using cPanel/WHM (Exim Manager) with regular phpmail or Sendmail functions on your websites, you may notice that some of the outgoing emails may end up in the spam/junk folder instead of arriving at the primary inbox. Especially if you running an e-commerce website this will be the worst thing and…

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